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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
<SNIP>This is not just about a little picture, it is about someone stealing something that does not belong to them. I have been watching this and anyone that doesn't think this is a big deal just does not have a clue at all and need to not comment in that fashion.
orly? The thesis seems to be that this guy took HWC/Sky's work, for profit, and gave no credit. This seems a little vague to me and warrants a lot more exposition. If 3GM had been DMCAed by Fox for taking the 13 seconds of FF4:RSS footage, for profit, without crediting it, do you really think the response here would have been, "right on - you go Fox - protect your rights"?

Before you say it, it is not that same thing. That is part of my point. There are a lot more factors that need to be talked about and are not being talked about here. Do not get me wrong; this is not a defense of 3GM. It is a warning to those who think that trotting out the lawyers is something like blowing your nose. IANAL but I have looked into this area a lot and I doubt, for a variety of reasons, you could make a case here. If you are a copyright lawyer or have been involved with a similar case that has actually gone to trial please tell the story.
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