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My System Specs


Having Windows doesn't necessarily mean the game runs perfectly either, but Linux distros would need to beat (matching isn't good enough) Windows in more categories than they do right now. Windows 8's quirks are minor compared to some of the bugs the Linux distros have. I don't see my Windows 8 installs having their WiFi managers crash, requiring a reboot, or as bojangles mentioned, not being able to get to desktop because a bad GPU driver is preventing it. Canonical is also hard at work making Ubuntu less favourable for the people who like privacy, since that Amazon search lens and app store with Amazon search require more steps to work around than it is to disable the spy features on Windows 8.

Yes Linux distros are free to download, but at least for me, Windows on the desktop is worth the money.

That said, this Steam for Linux would be great for managing and installing dedicated servers - one thing Linux does very well.

(FYI I run Windows 8 on my desktop, dual-boot Windows 7 / OpenSUSE on my laptop, and Ubuntu Server 12.10 on my home server)
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