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Default Gtx 670 driver problem "Very strange"

Hello guys,

I got this weird problem what ive never had before with my earlier graphic cards...
but this is what the problem is...

I use the 306.97 drivers
now maybe you ask why arent you using the latest drivers for the gtx 670...
well thats the problem
there was a new driver 310.70 ... I installed it and then when I start my game Medal of Honor warfighter or battlefield 3 it crashes immediatly when I am in a server or when single player starts...
now you have the 310.90 drivers so I thought I give it another shot... because it is a newer one and then again the same problem...

but the strange thing was... I could play with those newer drivers the game assassins creed 3 what is very strange... I cant say its the game that makes this problem for me because a friend of my that lives far away so we cant switch gpu's ... but we have the same gpu ( GTX 670 ) and he has the latest drivers and for him it works all well

so whats this weird issue?

I changed the driver back to 306.97 and gaming goes FINE!!!

but still I want this solved.. do I need to go and send it back where I bought it or does anyone of you guys has a solution for this

I hope many responses

thank you
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