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Default Champion Online = City of Heroes 2.0 < Serious Psychological Trauma

The addictive part of my mind has been subtely plotting revenge since many years ago in a fit of meta-human will power I pistol-whipped, bound, gagged it and procceded to dump its inert mass down a garbage chute. And that is a lovely metaphor for not buying a second WOW playtime card. Since then the constant whispering from the chute has always made me wonder if I could have kept playing WOW and still have led the rich full life I have until now... (i said that with a straight face - good for me....) Anyways I love Comic books and I used to collect them when I was younger and I still try and keep up with whats going on in them through various online sources. And I have always had the dream of someday writing one because though I love to write I don't think my ideas would lend themselves to novel form particularly well. Now to tie these 2 jumbled messes together against there wills... Champions Online looks like it could be an MMORPG that could give me inspiration for more ideas and maybe even give me an outlet for the ideas I already have. And maybe the constant whispering would stop and if I kept the gameplaying to a manageble level I could still live.... Well its still months maybe years away until this game drops but it got me to thinking so I figured why not share my disturbing inane ranting with all the good people of HWC.... sorry in advance for any nosebleeds this post causes.
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