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Default How to upgrade

Hey all,

Considering I want something simple, fast and silent, how could I improve performance for my current rig? I am not gaming like I used to. I did Crysis2, OldRepublic (before stupid free-to-play we cut ur in-game money by 90% update), Tera (recently) and will be wanting to go towards Sim City 2013, StarCraft 2 (Heart of Swarm).

Should I wait to get a completely new rig in a couple of years?
Should I go GTX680 Direct CUII?
Should I change mobo?
Should I change anything else?
Should I stop making question that begins with "Should I"?

Motherboard: ASUS P8P67-PRO Rev3.0
Processor: Intel Corei7 2600 (not K)
Memory: 2x Kingston HyperX 8Gb KHX1600C9D3K2/8G (Total 16Gb)
Video: ASUS ENGTX570/2DI/1280MD5 + ASUS ENGTX570/2DI/1280MD5 (SLI)
SSD: Intel Series 520 240Gb + Intel Series 510 120Gb
PSU: Antec High Current Pro 850w
Case: Coolermaster HAF X
Sound: n/a
Optical: LG Blue-Ray DVD-RW 12x
Monitor: ASUS VE247H
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bits


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