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My System Specs


I agree with SKYMTL. I do reviews for another website (Techgage) and since we don't get paid for these reviews we are basically doing them for the love of it. Sure we get to keep the hardware, but I'd say I kill 25% or so of what I review, and more than 50% of what I review is not worth selling. The few items I do part with are a drop in the bucket. It takes alot of work and effort to post a real review, especially a GPU review. I do mostly heatsinks and cases and the amount of picture work and rework is incredible. This is not just about a little picture, it is about someone stealing something that does not belong to them. I have been watching this and anyone that doesn't think this is a big deal just does not have a clue at all and need to not comment in that fashion. With the amount of effort SKYMTL puts in his reviews, the least he could expect is proper credit for images/substance used. I am on your side 110%.
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