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Default NVIDIA Officially Launches Tegra 4

Sorry for not posting this up when it went live. But here it is:

Calling it one of the “worst kept secrets” in the industry, NVIDIA CEO Jen Hsun Huang launched the Tegra 4 system on a chip at his company’s CES press conference Sunday night.

Initially, NVIDA’s first and second generation Tegra chips failed to generate much in the way of manufacturer support, being utilized in only a few devices. Tegra 3 on the other hand has proven to be quite popular, making its way into devices like Microsoft’s Surface RT and Google’s wildly popular Nexus 7. Tegra 4 meanwhile is looking to improve upon its predecessor’s success by remaining faithful to NVIDIA’s core mobile design philosophies while also expanding capabilities in several key areas.

Read more here: NVIDIA Officially Launches Tegra 4 | Hardware Canucks
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