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^ I do too but there are plenty of lazy and tech ignorant people out there. I also live in Newfoundland so options for good tech components are pretty hard to come by. Even on ebay my processor goes for nearly $300 where as a 3570K is only $218 at NCIX right now. Selling my processor alone on ebay would nearly get me enough cash to buy the 3570k and a new board. I may go that route yet. I already have it listed on ebay for $280 'Buy It Now/Best Offer' so who knows. It wouldn't be hard to sell my X58M to make up the difference needed to get my new board. The rest of my system is still more than adequate. My ram should still work in dual channel mode I would assume, my 6870 is oc'd to the moon with my arctic accelero and my psu is top of the line so it would be less of a headache to just ebay all the older stuff and buy a new cpu/board.
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