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Intellectual property is extremely important in this industry and this sets a precedent. It is not the fact that it happened to only HWC, but also Techpowerup as well and perhaps other sites we don't know about. It has nothing to do with money in our pockets or we would have gone the lawyer route first; it is about the fact that someone thought what they did would fly under the radar and then when caught denied over and over again what they did.

We work to get the pictures we do and post the high quality content up. If anyone would be allowed to waltz in here and take our work without giving us credit in the least bit, everyone would start. Like I said, it sets a precedent. "One little picture" is the tip of a very large iceberg. That iceberg is something the whole industry and community should be extremely afraid of since it impacts them as well. I think everyone's comments reflect that since they seem to realize what something like this (if left unchecked) will do to serious harm to this and other sites.