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I don't know guys, I'm just saying, a 10 page thread about something this trivial (in the scope of things), we are putting more energy into solving this 'crisis', when it really is a silly immaterial act that really isn't hurting anyone. Are your feelings hurt? What are you out, maybe a few dollars for banner clicks? Was your reputation hurt or something? Come on, there are more important things going on in the real world to worry about. I am not talking to anyone in particular, just 'the situation'.

And my car did get stolen once, and I found it a couple weeks later, and no I didn't really care so much. So what, I gave some crackheads a ride across town and 10 bucks of gas. Big deal, life goes on dudes! Lets have a 10 page thread about something important!

Of course I am my own enemy since I'm on here talking about it too. Let me say again, I do love this site and I think the admins do a perfect job etc etc, this is in no way a rant to the ppl of HWC.
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