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Originally Posted by BlueByte View Post
That's an ambitious build for what you want to do for the budget. I work with vms all the time, you will want to build with a few things in the back of your head.

-ideally you should not share could cores if you can help it. But it can be done if you have to.
-avoid at all costs memory swapping, it is just painful dont do it.
-if you need two nics get a desktop Intel chip one, they are $30. I would not trust a syba card for anything.

In this case I would say budget + vm = amd 4 core over a celeron, and find some more cheap memory vs paying for server memory. Figure out your vm situation before buying anything, if it's to much for this build your celeron and memory are fine as a home server.
Running VMs would be a side benefit if it could be done with the final hardware. If it cant be done, I'll just pay for a memory upgrade to my main rig and and be satisfied. I have also (with a slight influence fomr a post or two above this) made some changes to the hardware, and gone with an intel nic. I read about SYBA, and they suck. Enough said. I picked that one because it was cheap + dual port. And after thinking about it, once the server is connected to a switch, I dont need more then two Gbit ports. Only reason i have two is because every other machine/device other then my main rig will connect to the server thru the switch.
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