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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
They're essentialy the same program IIRC. The main reason I prefer(red) AB to precision X is that AB has the ability to separate the graph display from the main body.

So extra airflow seems to be working for you? I was going to suggest you peg the fan @ 100% just to see if it makes the issue go away. You can also try with the case side off and a house fan blowing fresh air into the case in order to see if there might be an issue with case airflow.
Yes the fan being able to speed up when the graphics card gets hotter is really helping because before when i didn't have precision x i don't remember uninstalling it but before the card fan wouldn't go higher than 30% speed but now its on auto and the fan will sometimes hit 70% speed when i gaming for a long period of time. Thanks for your reply and suggestions on getting fresh air to the card.

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