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My System Specs


Originally Posted by TpeBoMaH View Post
Hi, i have Sapphire HD 7770 Ghz Edition and i want overclock him to 1150 - core clock and 1250 memory clock.
I put frequencies and start games but the games crashes.
Someone told me that you need to raise GPU Voltage. I tried with MSI Afterbarner but not allowed me to move the slider GPU Voltage solve it even when the settings ticked. Tried with Sapphire Trixx there is no such thing as a GPU Voltage. In place of the GPU Voltage Board is entrusted Li. I want to overclock this video card, but I do not know how to increase voltage. Please help me.
Thanks in advance.
Honestly dont bother Overclocking a video card in the end it really does not do anything, and once you start Overclocking it can become very unstable and you could also fry the card, it may not be the graphics card crashing the game, i cant think of a way to test it unless u have another card that you could try on the game, but the best thing to do would be to upgrade if you can and then sell your old card or put the old card into another system, and i may add that overclocking your GPU requires more cooling usually liquid cooling is the only time you should OC a GPU/ Graphics card.

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