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My System Specs


Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
She is an old bird that still kicks ass. My Q6600 still pushes the info to mu GPU at 1080p in 64 player BF3.

@Brad As for the red dots, I'm not sure. Is the card overclocked? Sounds like the GPU is toast. I would recommend getting a GPU with at least 2Gb's of vram. especially if you want higher resolutions and eye candy. But at only 1080p you should be OK.

Have another GPU you can test with? The CPU is long in the tooth but until you run into situations where your CPU is struggling and your GPU is bored you'll be fine with it. Just turn down the settings until you can afford to upgrade your entire system. Haswell is coming.
Yes I agree it is a very amazing CPU for its age and i may of found the problem to as why the red dots were appearing, i noticed that i had unistalled precision x, it comes with EVGA cards, and what i noticed was thst the fan didnt speed up as the GPU got hot so the fan was only spinning at around 1000Rpm when it should be kicking up as the GPU gets hotter so i fxed that and now the fan amps up to keep the card cool, so im just playing right now to see if the red dots come back, and yes 2gb or higher Vram would be better. Thanks for the reply IRQ Conflict

Only time will tell!!!
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