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My System Specs

Default Voltages for Overclocking I7 920 with P6T Deluxe

Hey guys,

I just notices some weird voltage readings using OCCT and also CPUID HWmonitor. I am attaching a couple of screen shots.

I have following done in bios:

V core: 1.275
DRAM V: 1.66
QPI: 1.3375
PLL: 1.88

For some reason it always shows DRAM voltages to 1.69, even if I change it to 1.5V in bios. and not sure what this VIN3 is, but sometimes it goes all the way up to 2.01v that I have seen. Any suggestions? My temps though stay pretty cool tho. Max temp on my hottest core I get is 55 degrees while gaming and maybe 67 when I am using F@H.

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