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Default laptop graphics upgradable? comparison

I am looking at two laptops right now.
Both interest me. But i debating on what can be upgraded and which one would be a smarter pick.

Here is the first laptop.
An ok graphics chip. But the cpu may bottle neck any othet graphic card upgrade?
Ram has been upgraded too 6gb.
I can get this one for $600
MSI Notebook Official Website - Product Preview Page

Here is the second laptop. New cpu. Ram and more.
But a graphics card i am no to positive on.
Can it ve upgraded in this laptop?
I can get the laptop for $500
Pavilioun dv6 laptop - Strathcona County Computers For Sale - Kijiji Strathcona County Canada.

I am having a tough decision here.
I know more about desktops then laptops.
Both graphics can be upgraded?
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