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My System Specs


power supply Antec Neo Eco 520c/650c $58.99-$73.99 excellent power supplies

I would say as a suggestion considering you are going for better quality parts by the checklist, get a better motherboard from MSI, Asus, Gigabyte. I know at least 3 buddies that got Asrock within the last 2 years and they have had failure after failure, in 2 cases when they sent back for RMA and had to wait a few weeks, they ended up getting the exact same board back with nothing done to it, one of them was simply put a manufacturer defect in the way the ports were soldered onto the baord, and yet, not fixed, I say stay away from Asrock no matter how good the price/reviews are-reviewers are usuall payed off anyways :P

Gskill for memory all the way for me, I suggest nothing else.

For video card the 7850 are great little cards for thier price, but there is also better choices then gigabyte, sapphire, Asus, MSI at leeast for the 7850/7870 are by far better, the asus ones are a bit louder but they are known to be excellent overclockers, all card be it factory overclocked or not usually have the same chance of hitting higher clocks, the difference is in the cooler that they use, MSI/Sapphire/ASUS with thier dual fan coolers are simply a better choice then gigabytes trifan coolers they cool the entire card from the core to the vregs better. Again, another suggestion just to get the most value per $ spent, go for a Radeon 7890/7930 or what sapphire calles 7870XT and powercolor calls pitcairn LE. There is a few games at 1080p I cannot run full out with my overclocked 7870, 7870XT is just that much faster and a better overclocker, is well worth its cost.

if you are going to be overclocking, that cooler will do quite good, but it does have its limits, if you`re not going to be, save the $ on the K chip and get a non K chip instead.
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