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My System Specs


yep, I say dont bother with SLI as well, I know alot of folks that got rid of it this year with the 600 series and radeon 7k series, there just is not the same reason anymore especially with a single monitor running 1080p resolutions, a 650Ti or 660Ti is plenty powerfull enough to play at this resolution, if you look carefull enough there is a few 660Ti that can compete directly with 670s and cheaper as well. The other option you have, hold with whatever gpu you currently have for another 2 months or so, AMD is releasing thier next series very very shortly, but if you cannot wait, well there is also the Radeon 7870XT or Pitcairn LE however you want to look at it, simply is the best $/performance graphics card out there currently, but yes I also recomend making sure they are 2gb Vram at minimum, this way here eye candy can be used and you are unlikely to run out of Vram-do make sure you`re OS is 64bit though as I am sure you know.

For the cpu, no point in holding off, Intels next series was setback untill at least the 3Q if not longer last I heard, they simply have no reason to release it right now. AMD next series was also held back for performance reasons among others.
Ram wise, you could go for an 1866 kit or higher if the overclocking is part of what you intend to do.

Hard drive wise, to each thier own, I have always used western digital, and am now very partial to thier caviar black line, longer warranty, better performance, they might cost a bit more, but in my opinion are worth that price.
As for the OCZ ssd comments, well, I am still using an agility 3 60gb now going on 2 years old I suppose, and it is rock solid, havent had a sinlge problem with its performance or anything, I cannot comment on customer service, but provided you research whatever it is you plan on getting, then you`ll be fine. Samsung 830/840, Corsair Force GT and thier newest one(forget name) are also some good choices.
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