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My System Specs


Everything looks good except for 3 things I'd recommend:

Hard drive: Seagates are not good at all (IMO) go with a WD Caviar.
SSD: I'd recommend a 240/256GB, unless you know you won't fill up the 128GB.
Graphics card: With running things in 1080p there will be a significant increase in performance (at least in terms of gaming) with 2GB VRAM.
There are minor performance increases elsewhere, but gaming would be a big difference.

And just IN CASE you don't know:
2 cards with 1GB VRAM = 1GB VRAM, 2 card swith 2GB = 2GB, etc. I run into a lot of people that think dual 1GB cards means they'll have 2GB, but that isn't true because the graphics are loaded separately by each card.
"what's that black fan at the back of the case for? I never see it on."
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"Why do you have it though?"
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"What do you mean?"
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