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My System Specs

Default Small Personal Server Build

Hey guys, whats up?

Just finished part-picking for a rather ambitious home server project. I haven't really shown this to anybody as of yet, and I just want to make sure i'm not making any blatant mistakes, or am spending too much on something. My planned budget for this build is around $300-350, currently I'm at $315. The server doesn't have to do much, but there are a couple of things it has to do:

- File Server (duh)
- Personal Web/Email server <-- webserver portion for developmental purposes, no public hosting is planned

And these are optional purposes:
- run one VM desktop, nothing big or complicated, maybe a second install of linux not sure on this one
- Dedicated SETI@Home node (BECAUSE I ALIENS EXIST!)
- Dedicated server host for certain games, probably LAN only. I dont plan on opening this up to public access

And now for the all important hardware:

Chassis: ARK ITX/CS-Ci02 (PSU built in)
Mobo: Foxconn H61S LGA 1155 Mini ITX
CPU: Intel Celeron g530 2.4ghz Dualcore CPU
RAM: 2GB Kingston DDR3 1333mhz Unbuffered Server Memory(upgrading to 4/8gb, once i finalize other hardware)
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM HDD
Network: SYBA 10/100/1000mbs dual-port gigabit NIC

And here is some other almost required hardware:
TP-LINK 10/100/1000mbps Unmanaged Gigabit Switch

I picked the case because A: It was cheap, and B: had a PSU built in, which means less money. I might search around for a different case/psu option, but for now thats the one I'm sticking with. The Mobo/CPU were also largely picked because of price. I could have gone AMD for a slightly more feature rich board, but the cheapest CPU for said board was $55, way too much for me atm. The Celeron i picked wasn't much cheaper, but when combined with the mobo was about $50 cheaper then the AMD solution. The dual gigabit NIC may seem like an odd choice, considering the motherboard has a built in port, but any server needs at least two ports if you want to do more then look at it in my book. Used Newegg to part search for everything by the way.

Just curious on how this looks to other who have more experience building small personal servers. Something I would like but haven't been able to achieve on the budget is esata ports, since I have a 3TB external raid enclosure that interfaces via esata. The only boards I have found that on have been matx, not mitx. So, yeah. There's that. Tell me what you guys think!
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