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Time to Logon 6~8 seconds
Time to Desktop 26~28 seconds

It's about 33~35 seconds from boot up to get in to OS desktop.
Because MSI original OS comes with some add on programs, this will make the boot up time slower.
Come pare to the Windows 7, Windows 8 will be 6~14 seconds longer time depends on different conditions.
Maybe it's because the Windows 8 will get to the "Start" page and then get on the Desktop, that will takes more time.

Dual SSD with RAID0 really make the notebook boot up much faster, also faster when installing, loading or saving programs.
If we use HDD for boot up with Windows 8, will takes more than 1 minute to get to the OS desktop.
If user install their pure clean Windows only with drivers, that could make the boot up time faster around 20 seconds.

Temperature presents (Room environment 21℃)
38~40℃ when idle mode. (Cooler Boost off)

34~38℃ when idle mode. (Cooler Boost on)

Run the InteBurn Test to make CPU with full loading - 73~86℃(Cooler Boost off)

Run the InteBurn Test to make CPU with full loading - 72~77℃(Cooler Boost on)

We use idle mode and full loading test to compare the Cooler Boost fan function to check difference.
The temperature difference of Cooler Boost on and off, it's about 2 degree when idle,
and biggest gap is 11 degree when CPU is full loading burning test, so the Cooler Boost really helps when users need it.
Besides the fan performance, about the noise of the cooler, it's not easy to hear the fan noise if Cooler Boost is off, and Cooler Boost will make the noise louder for sure.

But the noise is not high frequency that makes people uncomfortable, if you listen to the music or play games with Dynauido sound system, you will not hear the noise even you turn on the Cooler Boost.
Many notebooks with Dual Core will be 40℃ more when idle mode, and full loading will be 80~90 degree.
So the temperature of GT70 with Core i7 and GTX675MX is really well controlled, MSI did have good design skill on the thermal solution with small space inside the notebook.

Conclusion of MSI GT70 Dragon Edition:
1. Dragon Edition makes the chasses with special coating with Dragon Tattoo, also improve the packing a lot. Upgraded hardware on GTX675MX and Killer Double Shot.
2. Dual mSATA3 SSD and 2.5 inch 750GB HDD makes great balance of performance and capacity. 4xDDR3 DIMM with good extend of the RAM size.
3. Rich on IO interface, 3 USB3.0 and 2 USB2.0, with HDMI, D-Sub and eSATA as well.
4. Full size keyboard by Steelseries with back light, add on Turbo, Cooler Boost to boost up GPU and fan performance.
5. Special 2 channel with 1 subwoofer design with Sound by Dynaudio system, the sound quality even better than previous version of GT70.
6. Built in 1920x1080 Full HD matted display, that will makes your eyes more comfortable when gaming or watching movies.
7. Latest Killer Double Shot function, the LAN is faster and WiFi comes with 2x2 and 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band design.

1. SSD will be better if use the Micron or Marvell control chip.
2. Maybe IPS panel is more expensive, but still expect the GT70 could option with IPS panel in the future.
3. The NVIDIA graphics driver still need to improve on Windows 8 system, some 3D benchmark or games still can't get good performance on GTX675MX with full speed.
4. Recommend to use Creative Sound Core3D quad core sound chipset.

Performance Rated: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 92/100
Material Rated: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 90/100
Specification Rated: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 86/100
ID Design Rated: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 88/100
Cost/Value Rated: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 70/100

Recent years some friends start to use notebooks to replaced PC desktop, their performance demand is not so high.
But right now a notebook with better performance is more popular, because more people wants to use their laptop to play more games with Full HD resolution,
and they also need high performance to take out for business trip or better mobility, these demand makes the high performance notebook market raising up every year.

MSI got into the Gaming laptop market very early years ago, and keep enhance their products with better material and features for gamers every year.
windwithme did share the GT70 with GTX680M version few months ago, this time add on some different software and more temperature benchmarks,
also the first time to make benchmarks with Windows 8. You could refer last article to make some detail comparison.
The GT70 Dragon Edition is limited version, the price range is close as previous GT70,
the Dragon Edition did have some upgrade on GPU and some hardware, the Cost/Value is even better than regular version, but they are still at higher price segment.
If you got limited budget but still want good performance laptop, you could consider GE60/GE70 at lower price range, GT70 if more suitable for top performance demand users.
Hope MSI could come out better design with better price Gaming laptop in 2013. :)

This is also post in my blog - WIND3C, All comments are welcome.
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