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CrystalMark 2004R3 => 300008

OpenGL => 26.57 fps
CPU => 6.31 pts
CPU (Single Core) => 1.38 pts

PCMark7 => 5435

Windows 8 Benchmarks

CPU performance increase a little because of the i7-3610QM 2.3GHz upgraded to i7-3630QM 2.4GHz.
PC Mark 7 over 5400 scores, this is really high as a notebook platform.
Windows 8 built in benchmarks is more accurate than Windows 7, CPU/RAM got really high scores,
especially the Super RAID dual SSD RAID0 makes the storage up to 8.3 points.

GT70 built in with 2 GPU, one is Intel HD4000 from Core i7-3630QM, the other is NVIDIA GeForce GTX675MX with 4 GB DDR5 vRAM.
3DMark 11 - P4186

BIOHAZARD 5 Benchmark
1920 X 1080 => 119.2 fps

Heaven Benchmark 3.0
DX11 1920 X 1080 => 53.2 FPS

Previous GT70 comes with GTX675M, this time it upgraded to GTX675MX, the 3D performance is around 15%~20% higher than GT675M.
The 3D benchmark programs above got really high scores in notebook field,
GT70 Dragon Edition presents very smooth gaming experience with Full HD resolution and highest effects on most of the heavy loading games.

GT70 Dragon Edition built in with 2 mSATA interface with 2 128GBx2 SSD on RAID0 mode as C: drive for Windows 8 system used.
The drive D: is a SATA2 interface with 750GB 7200rpm HDD for data storage.
Below is the benchmarks of drive C: from Super RAID with 2 SSD RAID0.
HD Tune Pro 5.00
Read - Average 986 MB/s Access Time 0.100ms
ATTO DISK Benchmark over 128k could reach the highest reading speed with 1064.1 Mb/s, and writing speed up to 1025.0 MB/s

Seq Read - 914.6 MB/s Write - 365.0 MB/s
<All 0xFF, 0Fill> Read - 994.7 MB/s Write - 845.9 MB/s
<All 0x00, 1Fill> Read - 995.8 MB/s Write - 854.6 MB/s

AS SSD Benchmark - 955
Seq Read - 958.29 MB/s Write - 345.25 MB/s
4K - 64Thrd Read - 276.39 MB/s Write - 316.77 MB/s

The random access tests will be lower when in CrystalDiskMark on the right image and AS SSD Benchmark
Compression Benchmark writing start from 300MB/s more, and over 900MB/s at last.
Depends on the benchmark result, these 2 SSD should be used with SandForce SF-2281 chip,
Random Writing is the weakness, and it's really good performance on 4k access and other writing or reading benchmarks.
Most 120GB SSD with SF-2281 chip used 120GB, and use the extra 8GB as the cache buffer.
Recently the new version of 128GB SSD could use complete 128GB capacity, GT70 use the new version with 128GBx2 capacity.
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