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Question Essentials Vs Elements

i have both a Western Digital Elements 2Tb and a Western Digital Essentials 3Tb external drives.
the "essentials" is new out of the box and the "elements" is 2 years or so old. both are usb (of course)

trouble is that on the "essentials i can watch the transfer speed start at 50 or so Mb/s and gradually die off to 19Mb/s or even less. remember this is a 3Tb drive. at that rate it would take until the next cosmological decade to fill. well, maybe not quite that long, but you get the idea

the "elements" drive is faster at 50 or so and stays there or higher. internally i have an intel 520 solid state and 5 WD green 2Tb drives. the transfer speed between them is at least a 100Mb/s or higher sustained.

my question is....... are slow transfer speeds like this normal to and from usb drives? or is it something with the "essentials" drive.

note: i tested the "essentials" with WD software and it comes out fine.


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