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My System Specs


Z77 supports that cpu, Z77 was meant for Ivy-bridge upgrades and also to be able to use sandy bridge they are pin compatible. The specific board says to use thie higher mem speeds you need a 22nm cpu=Ivy bridge :)

Gpu or power supply, I say power supply, its OCZ, probably is the issue :P. One way maybe is to do some benchmark testing such as Heaven DX11 bench keep an eye on temps as you go of course, if it black screens during testing then it will be the power supply at fault usually as if it were the gpu it would crash with certain BSOD codes

To me it sounds like a motherboard, or power issue, unless you memtest the ram and it says otherwise. As far as the case being an issue, if it is grounding yes, but not often the case is the issue. I hedge a guess on it being the power supply, if you have another one to rule out a power issue and maybe bring his ram to your place to memtest it for a bit?

I know for myself I would get black screen issues with certain drivers I had used for my Radeon, changing to different drivers would solve this. Just as a thought, maybe it would be a good idea to go into the bios and make sure everything is set there the way it needs to be, from the cpu clock settings, to the ram speeds, everything, as it can be something as simple as the memory timing/voltage was set improperly and this is what is causing the snaffu.
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