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Default Recovery Mode

First of all - many thanks to JD for the clear and concise instructions for rooting, flashing and unlocking my i9000m from stock Gingerbread to Jellybean 4.2 - much more stable without the bloatware. So happy about it, I picked up two more i9000m from Craigslist for the family.

The only challenge was matching the JB 4.1/4.2 ROM (CM 10/10.1) with the correct gapps version. If incorrectly matched you could loose the keyboard or enter some crazy loop. It took some trail-and-error to discover that holding the power button and tapping "Reboot" gave me the option of Recover mode (so I can re-flash the correct ROM/gapps combination).

Now that everything is working VERY WELL on JellyBean 4.2 ( +, I'm hesitant to test other nightly builds fearing that I'll not be able to tap "Reboot" into recovery mode - and eventually get locked out.

QUESTION - can anyone give instructions on how to power on (not reboot) the i9000m (with CWM 6.0) into recovery mode using the power, volume and home buttons? I've only managed "Download mode" but haven't figured out "Recovery mode".
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