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Default Computer has a black screen

Hi, I'm posting this issue about my friends PC and hope that this forum can help my friend out. Sorry about the lengthy read.

The issue is that for the past year, there are times in which the computer would shutdown and restart during gaming sessions. And when it reboots the screen would be black n nothing is loaded/showing on the monitor (ex. mobo brand/bio info) while the PC's fan/LED/hard drive/GPU is all running.

Nowadays the PC would straight up display nothing on the monitor on boot up while fan/LED/HD/GPU runs. Sometimes the PC would run fine, goes into windows and able to surf the web and all the fun stuff, but the problem persists and is quite annoying.

With that said I tried to troubleshoot with him and decided to replace his mobo and cpu to see if the problem keeps occurring. At first everything is going well, PC displays the bio menu n restarts when we tried to go into windows (due to mobo/cpu changes so need fresh install but didn't have windows handy). Then the problem occurs again... PC restarts while in the bio menu and then black screen while everything else is running (fan/LED/HD). Tried many start ups but keeps getting a black screen.

CPU: i5 - first gen
MOBO: msi P55
RAM: G skill ripjaws 2x2GB
PSU: OCZ 650w
Case: Forgot lol...

Changed specs:
CPU: i5 3470
mobo: msi z77a-g43
RAM: g skill ripjaws 2x2GB
PSU: OCZ 650w

Also I tried just plugging in 1 stick of a RAM at a time and the same problem still occurs. So I'm thinking it's a RAM problem but what are the chances that both rams are defective? Or could it be a problem with the PSU? or maybe case?

Thanks for any help!

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