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My System Specs


The AX you listed first time was a pretty good PSU, Seasonic built if memory serves.. Seasonic are very good (though tend to be a bit more expensive)

3570k will be very good at editing, for really heavy amounts of editing / rendering etc then the 3770k will be justified.

Built on a z77 extreme4 for my brother, pretty happy overall. Not had to deal with an RMA / don't know where they have a facility, MSI might be a better choice if your based in Canada.

Not a huge fan of corsair memory. Like the Gskill stuff myself.. get cl9 and 1.5v rather than 1.65.. With the editing and possible 3d work and the cheap price of ram, get yourself 16GB (2x8gb)

And personally I wouldn't even bother with an optical drive at all, unless you actually still use disks.
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