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My System Specs


Thanks MARSTG. Got a copy of that software. The Classified skin goes good with the ROG theme I have going on!

Anywho, for those that might be interested, I was able to get my UT3 maps working fine. The problem stemmed from the fact that it was an Ageia driver that was supplied and the link libraries didn't accept newer drivers so deleting those dll's from the binary folder fixed it. Runs great at 60+ FPS now instead of 9-10 FPS.

As for the desktop, somehow, re-installing 310.70 seems to have sorted out the resolution problems I was having. Now when I choose 1920x1080p It actually scales properly. Knock on wood.

I am however perplexed at the low FPS I am getting with FluidMark. ~10 FPS and a score of 299 seems a little low doesn't it?
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