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My System Specs


Originally Posted by spudmatic View Post
never done it before and i prefer to not lose anything on the raid drives.
Originally Posted by spudmatic View Post
ill lose everything. dont care. if it goes, it goes. only thing on the raid setup are game saves and stuff.

Anyway... According to your system specs, you have many more SATA ports than you have hard drives, so can't you just set up a new array to copy your stuff to? (Actually if I were you I'd just use the new drives as individual drives and split the data among them, saving me the RAID headaches in the future.)

Since there's no OS on the drives, a plain copy-paste will work. If there's apps that like to be in certain drive letters, you can do the copying in safe mode, then change the drive letters accordingly before restarting Windows in normal mode.

For instance, I have my data in D:\, and I did this when I swapped hard drives:
1) Turn off computer.
2) Plug in new hard drive.
3) Boot in safe mode.
4) Format new drive as R:\
5) Copy D:\ to R:\
6) In Disk Management, REMOVE the drive letter for D:\
7) In Disk Management, change R:\ to D:\
8) Turn off computer
9) Unplug the old hard drive
10) Boot in normal mode
11) Restart once more to get drivers and things working with the new driver letters

After all this, everything was working as if the files never moved, except they were physically on a new drive. The apps and most components of Windows care what the drive is, fakeRAID, dynamic disk, or otherwise when it's accessing the files.
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