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My System Specs


It's pretty easy, like a big lego kit that (should) only fit 1 way.

Things to take precautions of..

1) earth yourself before touching parts (touch a radiator or someting)
Make sure not to build on carpet or the like, don't wear clothes that generate static (I have a few tops, hoodies etc that do this allot)
Touch the parts by the edge / heatsink etc only, try to avoid touching the back or face of the board.

2) Make sure that the mounts for the motherboard all match, they can cause shorts if your unlucky.
Don't over-tighten the screws, secure but not too much.

3) For a neat build, mount the psu, motherboard and cooler, then route your wires as efficiently as you can.
Tie them up at the back (loosely) with a little extra room to reach where they need, then as you finish the build,
tighten them untill your happy that they are secure but you have no strain on the connectors and can un-plug them if you need them.
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