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Originally Posted by punk_zappa View Post
Phone is LG Nitro HD. I got it last March with Gingerbread and updated to ICS in September. Everything was fine for a couple of weeks then reboot or BSOD started happening. Sometimes once every 2-3 days then it got to 3-4 times a day, sometimes just sitting by itself and sometimes while texting or using other apps. I would factory reset it and it would help for a week or so. It was sent for repair but I think they just did a factory reset which helped for a couple of weeks and then back to BSOD or reboot.

I got fed up with it 3 weeks ago and installed a CM10.1 based ROM, in Alpha, but same symptoms. There are times, when phone was in my jacket and I walked the dog and I try using the phone as soon as I got in the house it would reboot (or anytime it got cold).

Any of your Android phones have these symptoms? I am thinking of just reverting to Gingerbread to be at least fully functional, never had a reboot with GB. My wife's Note 1 had battery issues after updating to ICS but that's been fixed after a few factory resets and hers work just fine.
You didn't say how you flashed the rom but when you do it needs to be properly.
Meaning wipe and start fresh.
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