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My System Specs


Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
What "tires" out a video card? Did you run it overclocked in a case with bad cooling? If not, then I wouldn't be putting any "artificial" lifespans on that card. Just look at how many people on this forum are still doing 24/7 Folding@Home on nVidia GTX 2xx cards.

Clean the dust off the fan of that 7850, and run MSI Kombustor on that card for half a day - that should be enough to tell you if you should use it in your new build.
It still runs fine, But performance is suffering (not extremely but noticeably)
It runs in the same temp zones (70c max under full load) but performance is noticeably suffering in games (at 1440x900) that I play. I'm not sure about what the previous owner did for OC, But I got it as a free replacement for a failed used 6850 I had just bought, They shop I went to didn't have any used 6850s. So he gave me the 7850.

I've just moved in the past couple of days halfway across the US, And my PC is still in the last state I lived in, It'll be back with me in a few days, Along with my cache of spare parts. So I'll put together a test bench and see about the Kombuster test. But seeing as to we're moving to AM3+ for mom's build we're probably not going to use this card.
"what's that black fan at the back of the case for? I never see it on."
"Well it's REALLY loud, but it's 5500 RPM and moves a TON of air."
"Why do you have it though?"
"Well... It's the "Oh s**t!" fan."
"What do you mean?"
"Well what do you say when your graphics card hits 90c?"
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