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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
All in all, I fail to see how WE raised a big stink about this.......
I do not think Vinster was pointing the we-stick at you, Sky, or at the HWC staff who have remained notably absent. I think he meant the forum community(s). You, Sky, have been level headed about this from the get go. That said, I am happy to see I am not alone in thinking that this circle jerk is going a bit far in certain areas. I am continuing to put my thoughts together and will post further details later.

Originally Posted by Spawne32 View Post
i just think its great to know that if i steal vinisters car, he wont make a big stink about it lol afterall, its just a single car
You can get me a working car for a single photo of computer parts? Where do I sign up?
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