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You may have a very bad sample of the 3770k, I was doing an overclock on the 3770k, and to no avail I was reaching 95-110c (voltage tweaking) on a 4.6ghz overclock with a CM 812. Once I swapped out the CPU to another 3770k, I was only hitting a peak of 84c~.

You will also want to check the CPU capability under DIGI+, sometimes, it defaults to 140% out of nowhere, I had this happen on one of the sabertooth boards. I was ripping my hair out, why a known good sample of 3570k was hitting temps of 90c @ 4.0ghz! Once I poked around, I realized it defaulted itself to 140%, once I dialed it back down to 100%, the temperatures dropped to something a whole lot more normal :).
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