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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Fudd Rucker View Post
I remember the good ol Socket A days when the chips didnt have an IHS. And you had to use a flathead screwdriver in an itty bitty slot with a shitload of force to get the bloody clip for the heatsink on properly. Dont see how crushing the core now would be an issue, especially if you are using bolt down coolers vs clip coolers.
LOL - Oh I remember those days ! Lot of cussing..... :D But you would be surprised it is an issue for those who are less experienced and less careful, some people do manage to wreck their processors. It's all about HOW you mount the heat sink, and some people do it the wrong way (easy) by tilting and pressing corners first. Only now we are talking about an expensive CPU, it would really suck for anybody to wreck that thing ....
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