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Contrary to most I don't baby my SSD. SSD life for current SSDs are way better compared to the early days where people do all the possible steps to have the least writes on SSD. How many writes will you be doing in a day? A drive which does like 10GB per DAY can still last 5 years. In fact at school our computer lab has SSDs on it and the machines have been used for over a year now. It is being used by 1st years and 2nd years and in our networking classes we use VMs. We write a lot of data on it since we simulate scenarios and have to constantly ghost images of computers and all have page file turned on. The life expectancy is at 92% and will last an approximate of 9years +, the numbers I provided are from SSD life which is a program that will compute the lifespan of an SSD. Of course if you baby your SSD it will have a longer life span but I bet in 5 years time you will be replacing it anyway so my opinion use it to the fullest. >:)
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