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Originally Posted by Mars View Post
To be fair, they're using they correct definition of "gigabyte", everyone else should be using "gibibyte". ;)
Yea, I know. But it still doesn't make it right. They are designing a product that they know is used for a computer that uses the base2 system. And really I'm not asking them to release drives that aren't round numbers, just make them the base2 gigabyte.

Plus I know that some people blame the OSes for using gigabyte incorrectly but the thing is it was the hard drive manufacturers that decided to use the "proper" base10 gigabyte knowing full well that it would allow them to market drives with larger numbers than they actually provided, at least in the minds of consumers. We both know that it can't be called false advertising because of them using what the standards group has determined as the correct version of gigabyte, even though everyone knows that either way you look at it it is dishonest and just taking advantage of consumers.

And that ends my mini-rant.

P.S. All that said, I would still love to have a 1.364TB drive. Hell 4 of them would be awesome.
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