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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AwesomeBrads View Post
Thanks for all of the helpful responses.

I have a few questions about the choices you've presented me.

The reason to get the Intel 5 instead of Intel 7 is I'll save more money for a better GPU? I will be primarily gaming, but I also do not want to bottleneck my system.

I am interested in liquid cooling, because I do want to OC, but I am a complete noob when it comes to this. How easy is it to install the liquid cooling as suggested in the previous post?

My last question is are there any GPU's coming out in the next 3 months that would completely obliterate anything running today? I'm willing to wait a few months to get something that will increase performance more than 15-20%.
No worries about the i5-3570k. It's nearly the same as the i7-3770k, just without the hyperthreading and a lower clock speed. in terms of gaming performance there will be no difference, Don't worry about bottlenecks. Even a 2500k doesn't bottleneck a 680, as far as I know.

Liquid cooling is very easy to install, especially easier options like the Corsair h100i, The h100i (As mentioned by dzzope) will be pretty much the best performance, an h80i or an h60 would also do.
The h-series (All of them, as far as I know) are closed-loop maintenance free. You never need to worry about flushing/refilling.

And I can confirm with dzzope that there may be some new AMD card info soon.

As for cases I would listen to anyone other than me, I don't have too much info on cases, I've just been doing a lot of research on big, full-tower cases for my workstation build. And a mid tower case for my mother's gaming build.
"what's that black fan at the back of the case for? I never see it on."
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