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My System Specs


To address everything: (Skip to the bold "CONCLUSION" at the bottom to not read me explaining our/my mindset/thought process)

The original build was going to be an AM3+ build.
The problem with that build was we were looking for a certain motherboard, Turns out the motherboard isn't released and is set on a huge delay. So I looked around at a lot of motherboards that have the features I want. All of them either were too cheap (And had plenty of reviews to back the quality) Wasn't one of the brands we're looking for, or we're a bit out of the price range for a mobo we had. After a lot of looking into AM3+ we took a lot at FM2. It seemed like a good idea. After the feedback it seems otherwise.

I should've stayed on a platform I was more familar with, I seem to have messed up a bit here.

Note some things I'm aware of though:
- I'm aware Intel is much better for servers, But this PC will only act as a maybe 6-player (At most) Minecraft server, And possibly the same size BF2 server, Etc. Nothing huge. Any other server needs I have I can just run alongside the game on my main workstation that I'll be building (3770k, 32GB RAM, GTX 680), It'll just be a nice benefit that I can run a server off the remote connection rather than directly on my PC (I have a REALLY bad habit of accidentally closing things, Believe me, that can get annoying)

- I'm aware that Intel would be a good choice for the purpose, But since the donated 7850 is a bit tired, It's possible that it's being close to failing (Can't tell since my current mobo is already broken) And the graphics on the APU are much better for temporary use than Intel's, Not to mention the APU is only $120, vs $200 for an i5-3470. And if we were going with the i5 we'd probably just go with the 3570 anyway. Plus a new graphics card better than the used 7850. And that adds cost. Especially since we would most likely go with a 660 ti.

-AM3+ Would be a slightly better choice. But remember this wasn't going to be a huge performance PC.
And seeing as to a Core 2 Duo can still run any game today maxed, CPU power isn't really a big requirement.
Plus, since there is no Integrated Graphics Processor we would want to go with a new graphics card for sure, (Again, most likely a 660 ti) So it ends up being more expensive in the long run (For exactly what we want, At least.)

Things I wasn't aware of:
- The 7850 isn't compatible with the hybrid dual-graphics mode
- Technology isn't fully compatible with the FM2 technology yet.


We'll be switching to an AM3+ build, with a new dedicated graphics card.
I'll update this build, and (Probably) post again the new revised specs.
I thank everyone for the feedback, I've learned a lot about FM2 in this couple of days, So if anything this semi-failure still gained me some knowledge about the APUs.
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