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My System Specs


3570k will have plenty of kick, don't worry about that..

if your only planning on a 1080 monitor a single 670 will max out any game on it, no point in getting anything more powerful for the moment,
though AMD are about due to start announcing stuff for their new series. Worth waiting and seeing what they bring. I wouldn't expect and Nvidia news till the summer probably

Gskill do some damn good ram and good price. go for a voltage thats middle of the road, not low but not too high too.. makes for better overclocking if you ever go that route.

On the SSD, get a 256GB drive, with the price they are now and the budget you have you will miss the extra room.
Whats the point in having a really fast drive if you can't fit everything you want on it (like me :()

On the cooler, the closed loop one like mentioned above as no more difficult than installing an after market air cooler.
They just did a refresh of the range (or some of it) look for the h100i if you want the "best" but a h 60 or 80 will be very sufficient.

On the "lightweight" side, you could go Matx, get a prodigy case that will fit regular sized everything bar the mobo.
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