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My System Specs


I've experimented myself with my OC and different settings and personally I do not use "AUTO" settings for voltage offset. For some reason the voltage seems to increase more than it really needs to when OCing. After playing around with that setting I could run my OCs cooler. Personally I use a 0.03 value offset, you might want to start low and go upwards until you find the sweet spot. Also, I personally use AIDA64's stress test, it is more appropriate one to use for my Ivy Bridge processor. You probably have a bad mount, but your temps are definitely too hot.

Originally Posted by PcWizTech View Post
Paste is the one that came with the Noctua. Additionally, I've owned the rig for close to half a year without overclocking and never had any temps problems. Temps at stock clock speeds were ~20 idle, 60~full load. Today is the first day I've used real temp. Maybe real temp is displaying inaccurate temperatures?? Just a thought.

Case: Haf x with fan setup as follows:

2x200mm at top as exhaust
1x200mm side fan intake
1x200mm front fan intake
1x140 or 120mm rear fan as exhaust.

noctua with 2 fans attached.

Im using the P95 test in the picture. The guide i was following said to select blend, then custom, and set p95 to use 85 or 90 percent of available ram. I chose 85 percent.

first day using:

EDIT: Bios Screenshot, keep in mind this is my first ever overclock. Maybe i've done something COMPLETELY wrong? :( I appreciate the help guys.

CPU-Z and RealTemp (notice 95C max from Prime95)

Prime95 Using 85% of Available RAM
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