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My System Specs


So an APU with a Discrete GPU that's not even compatible for a Dual-Graphics mode. Your settings aren't future proof. I myself have the 1st Gen APU and to be frankly honest APU's are nothing more but for mainstream computers, I can play Starcraft 2 on High, Battlefield 3 on Medium and that's about it. To enable Dual Graphics mode is a headache itself (switch the HDMI cables around from the on-board graphics to the discrete card and modifying the BIOS settings.) You also need Windows 7, I do not think AMD programmed Dual-Graphics for Windows 8 yet.

Now as for the server side of things... I suppose this is good for minecraft, but for high end games, forget it. The CPU part of the APU is very weak, and Minecraft if I remember correctly only uses a single core which AMD isn't best known for single core tasks. Minecraft wasn't programmed with multi-core in mind since it's running off JAVA and the game itself isn't really a CPU intense game... but a server however is always CPU intense, if you really want a game server you will need Intel processors, it's a fact sorry.

I'll be happy to help you more if you need any more info.
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