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Originally Posted by G777 View Post
Do you really think the performance difference is enough to justify going out and buying another much more expensive cooler?

He already owns the NH-D14. He's shooting for 4.5Ghz on Ivy. You gave bad advice, and that's being polite man.
Agreed that cooler is top of the food chain air cooling. he may gain 1-2*C going to a h100i if hes lucky some people see higher temps with the switch.

His cooler is overkill for 4.5ghz if anything but a couple things you can do to drop temps and gain stability.

Take the core voltage down - turn off your offset mode is what i usually do- bump your VCCSA and VCCIO slightly can stabilize things between mem and cpu at times yielding lower stable vcore usage-

Get some good thermal paste like mx-4 or gelid and remount that cooler with better paste a solid mount can drop temps considerably over a bad mount.
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