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My System Specs


I appreciate all the defense guys, and my respect goes out to all the water cooling product and air cooling products out there. I'm in no stance to judge them as i've only had the noctua. I can say, however, that I'm perfectly happy with the noctua. It doesn't make noise (honestly i cant hear it), and it keeps my temps low, what more could i ask for? As for the weight, sure it weighs a bit, but id never send my whole pc out on a shipment. If i ever move, i will just take essential components out and individually pack them :). I wasn't able to stress test overnight because i passed out haha. I was talking to 777 last night, and it was 3 or 4 am here in spain. My system was running bf3 under 50c though @ ultra. Running 1650x1050, but i had a split second peak to like 57c and then back down to 50c. Overall, although i still have to stress test some more, i think my system is relatively stable. I must add too that i appreciate everyones help. Overclocking for me has been something i've stayed away from mainly because of fear. But its great to get this performance out of the 3770k. Brings back memories of when i first opened up my pc case! :D cheers everyone!

(i will update this thread if there are any issues)
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