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My System Specs


GoatHornz ~ I wanted to add to my last post / clarify as I do not want to seem dismissive or condescending. I appreciate your reply. I do realize that my using a fanless rad (with a pump) instead of an air CPU cooler will likely have no discernible difference in noise EVEN IF I TRIED TO NOTICE IT.

Before I had a cooler with a single quiet 120mm Noctua fan. BEST CASE (for noise) I am swapping out the Fan for a coolant pump. In all likelyhood the computer will be a bit louder when I am done. I suspect I will end up adding more noctua fans before my build is 100% finished. Ironic since I am setting out to build a fanless RAD. Adding extra fans would be to better control the paths of air flow (IE more airflow around the VRM's on the Mobo and perhaps some extra air flow under the board for good measure. I enjoyed ocing my E8400 to 4.5GHz on air last build). The fact that The E8400 was 65 and my 3820 (en route) is 130W made me decide that since I want to OC I should lean towards water cooling this time.

I purchased an Antec TPQ 1200W PSU ($130 on sale). NCIX sent me the OC edition (adjustable 12V rails and fan - 1 dial for each). The PSU is 80+Silver, but is very high power and only has a single 80mm fan. I hear in reviews the sound is OK at modest power output but is very noisy at high speed. Perhaps I will have to add a some short duct work and a 120MM fan (front / rear / both?) Who knows where this build will end

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