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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
This is quote-worthy.

I suspect PSU...perhaps that noise he is complaining about is coil-whine?
oh my i just lay down the system flat on the table instead of vertical. while the case off. power up.... and what i see right away is the fan on the psu is going so slow! and the noise is really came from the psu! earlier i couldnt tell because the didnt lay down my system flat and couldnt see the face of the psu.

the psu fan is going real slow and rotates funny.... like not straight. it has low noise then vroooon then low noise then vroooon. mannn i think its really the psu. very ovious.

i do heard zumax is not that so high quality. i got it for like 50 dollar which is real cheap concider its a 500 watt perfect for my graphic card. i didnt even game on it for a year or even 2 yet it is running out of juice?

so any extra tips? concider the psu is beeping up. oh no as im writing this it sound crazy! sudden vro0o0on! crazy! like a car without smog!

i should i uninstall it before it might take down the whole machine right? especially my graphic card. im using the machine right now and i feel risky.... like it can lock up any time!

it sound aggressive at random time real hard vro0o0n. then normal noise then low vro0n then sudden hard vro0o0on like crazy.

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