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Default Any advice on a headset or desk mic?

Hi everyone.
I am going to be building a nice workstation/gaming PC soon. And I'm a youtube gaming commentator.
As with any gaming commentator I need a good mic, The headset I have now.. Not cutting it.

So I either want to buy a new headset or a good pair of headphones + a desk mic.

I have picked a microphone/headphones setup:
- Blue Yeti Silver Edition
- Nady MPF-6 Pop Filter
- On Stage Stands MS7701 Boom Mic Stand
- iWorld Black Label headphones + cable extender

Requirements for:

-- I should mention I do NOT want any Logitech anything, I've had 2 bad experiences back to back, (~$80 wasted) and that's enough for me to not buy from them again.

- preferably less than $100.
- Needs to have good audio quality, and good bass. ( I do a lot of listening to music, skype, and gaming)
- Mic quality must be GREAT. (No buzzes/hums, No picking up the smallest of noises (Such as light breathing sounding like a wind tunnel) and must just in general pick up my voice clearly, and sound good.
- MUST BE COMFORTABLE! I will be wearing it for hours at a time.
- needs to be durable, I can't replace it every few months.
- Needs to not pick up excessive background noise

Or if I go with a desk mic + headphones: (NOTE: The desk mic will be sitting ~3-4 feet away from me, less if on a boom)
- Just need good bass and audio, and be durable.
- Most be COMFORTABLE! I will be wearing it for hours at a time.
- Needs to be $50 or less.
Desk mic:
- Needs to have AMAZING mic quality, Clear voice quality, And be able to pick up good from being on a desk (Or if needed, next to/above me on a boom)
- Needs to not pick up excessive background noise
- Needs to be $100 or less.

I've been recommended: Blue Snowball, or Blue Yeti. I haven't been recommended any headsets or headphones, though. Would the Snowball or Yeti be a good choice?

Thanks in advanced for any help!
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