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My System Specs


Mmm, Apple quality due to the high end server parts, I assume.

Even funnier that the solution to the Apple issue is Samsung.

Learn a few things here everyone. This thread is over 400 pages with apple deleting threads. The product is flawed, apple service is shoddy, they won't acknowledge fault, and these are the most expensive machines on the market. Save your money, get the next model, or do as many are, leave apple. They aren't the same company and are ok with less than reliable suppliers so long as they have product to ship. And because the parts are proprietary, you are stuck with the idiot bar.

I've been the biggest supporter of apple and I can honestly say after this fiasco and a coupe others, I always ward people away from apple now and keep the proof of these screw ups as photos on my phone so I can save others from going through what I have.
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