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Originally Posted by Spblue View Post
Hi everyone. I bought a Galaxy 8800GT back in January. I got the version with the custom heatsink/fan setup, it looks a bit like a Coolermaster one. Since last month though, my computer would freeze after 5 or 10 minutes after starting a 3d game. I checked that the fan was still running fine and cleaned out the heatsink properly but it didn't make a difference.

I can manage to run games fine only if I underclock the card 50% using ATITool. I'm not sure why it started to overheat all of a sudden, when it used to work just fine. What would be my best course of action? I don't have a spare PCI-E card, so sending it back to the US for repair is kinda iffy for me. From what I heard, it can take over a month before they send another card back, plus I would have to pay shipping wouldn't I?

I thought about buying an Accelero S1 heatsink for the card, but together with shipping and some fan for it it would cost me over $50, and who knows if it would fix my problem, maybe it's the card that's faulty. I'm just unsure what to do. Maybe I should buy a new card from ncix, send this one back for repairs and sell it when it comes back? If so, what card do you guys recommend? I just hate having to replace it after only 4 months of use. I don't think I'll ever buy a Galaxy card again.
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install riva-tuner and ramp up the fan speed.
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