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My System Specs


My advice:
  • Go with a 3930k as opposed to Xeons (as others have said, it's better price>performace and will be just as good.
  • 32GB of RAM (On the x79 platform you can max it at 64GB if you would like) So 4x8GB, 8x8GB or 8x4GB would work. (Depending on the motherboard you pick!)
  • With 64GB a 32GB RAMDISK would be a good option to use as a workspace. (As others mentioned)
  • Go with an nVidia graphics card, I would recommend a 670, or a 680, Preferable 680 as it's not a big price difference from the 670 (But that is personal preference) AMD just won't cut it, they don't have CUDA.
  • As for the RAM I can't say anything, I'm not sure about Samsung RAM as I have never used it.
  • The case looks like an excellent choice.
  • The CPU cooler is HUGE, and an interesting choice, I would look into it's dimensions and the tower's dimensions just to double-check that It'll fit.

My part recommendations:
  • CPU: Intel i7-3930k
  • GPU: MSI or EVGA GTX 670/680
  • RAM: At least 32GB, 64GB would be preferable (Just get a good brand, Corsair, Kingston, G.Skill, ADATA)
  • Alongside the SSDs you might want to consider getting a mech. hard drive (a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black would be a nice choice), I would just recommend staying away from Seagate (I've had a lot of issues with Seagate drives, so I'm personally scarred from them)
  • Power supply: I'm not 100% familiar with x79 power requirements, but a 1000w should definitely do you good. Probably even an 850w. (Just get an 80+ Silver/Gold certified), I would recommend a Corsair/XFX/Seasonic PSU.

Hope I could help. If you have any questions about my recommendations, or just want advice on something feel free to ask in a reply, or PM me.

"what's that black fan at the back of the case for? I never see it on."
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"Why do you have it though?"
"Well... It's the "Oh s**t!" fan."
"What do you mean?"
"Well what do you say when your graphics card hits 90c?"

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